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Applied ESL Life Skills Video Lessons

Do you want to feel comfortable in learning and speaking English in your daily life? Then these video lessons are for YOU! The Applied ESL Life Skills video lessons are based from the Applied ESL Life Skills Student Workbook. These videos, like the workbook, offer practical and real life examples of how to use the English language in your daily life. The focus of each lesson is to learn and experience the life skill using every day English conversation, pronunciation, and listening practice. I include Dara Says! English tips for daily use which are tips on how to feel confident in speaking English in different scenarios. These video lessons are a fun and interpersonal way of learning English.

What's included?

  26 videos (Preview lessons + 18 Unit lessons)

  All lessons have listening and speaking practice using real life examples

  *Some videos have PDF slides and exercises

  Dara Says! English tips for daily use

  Test your knowledge and certificate of completion 

Dara Says! English tips for daily use 

Feel confident while practicing your English. Dara Says! are tips offered at the end of each lesson to help you use what you learned in YOUR daily life. 
Thank you!
Meet the instructor

Dara K. Fulton

Dara K. Fulton is an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and the founder of Applied ESL. Applied ESL is an online English tutoring service with a creative approach that helps adult learners build confidence while improving their English speaking skills. She is also the author to the Applied ESL Life Skills Student Workbook. Dara has 15 years experience teaching English to adults from around the world, and has taught all levels of English instruction. However, she is passionate about teaching beginner and intermediate levels of English, and cares about making her students feel comfortable in the learning process. It's from her experience that when students are comfortable learning English, they do better. Dara loves to tell her students, "Try your best," because she believes that when you TRY your best, you DO your best. 
Dara K. Fulton- Course author
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